Dr Jeroen Swart

Specialisations: Sports & Exercise Medicine

Interests: Cycling specific injuries and illness; high performance; knee, hip and groin injuries.

Qualifications: MBChB; MPhil (Sports & Exercise Medicine) PhD (Exercise Science)

Dr JEROEN SWART is one of the 3 founding members at Cape Sports Medicine and his love for all things cycling has led to his specialisation in injury prevention and the biomechanics of cycling, as well as in fatigue and exercise performance research. He has his MBChB ; Mphil (Sports & Exercise Medicine) and his PhD (Exercise Science).

Jeroen’s academic qualifications and extensive experience have positioned him well to fulfil many leadership roles.

He’s currently the Chair of SASCOC Technical, Scientific and Research Commission, a Director of Sports Medicine Academic Programme University of Cape Town, Director of International Sports Medicine Federation (FIMS) Center of Collaboration, Medical Director for UAE Team Emirates and a FIMS Scientific Committee Member.